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Sunshine Botanical Designs

 "Sunshine brings things of beauty to life"

Sunshine Creations

Featured below are just a few of our beautifully crafted botanical and natural crafts created by our Independent Designers'. Much more to come!

If you are interested in any of these items, or would like to have a piece customized to your personal taste, please let us know. Simply click the "Contact Us" tab above, and we will get back to you shortly!

The Painted Desert

This faux aloe and tri-colored sand and stone creation provides a different sand design on all sides of this glass cube. It is zero maintenance, so just place and enjoy! - Independent Designer, Donna Clayton Wade

Seasonal Splendor

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering Deep colored dried pods and evergreen sprigs add a special touch to this natural burlap wreath. These embellishments can be changed out for the appropriate season to suit your personal taste. - Independent Designer, Donna Clayton Wadeyour own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Feather Cross Wreath

Created this light and airy feather wreath using a wooden embroidery hoop and a feather boa. It was then embellished with a beautiful hanging silver cross covered in brown and turquoise stones. Perfect for your wall or door. - Independent Designer, Donna Clayton Wade

Mountain Miracle

Layers of colorful moss and rocks hide, yet proudly display a solitary deer enjoying a victorious view from the top of nature.

- Independent Designer, Shalondra A. Jackson

The Driftwood Den

This 26" beauty consists of a naturally hollowed out driftwood river log.

How lucky for this happy green lizard to find a peaceful resting place within this lush green driftwood-scape. Flanked by airy mosses and natural rock ledges, it recreates a calming place you would find nestled into the forest floor. - Independent Designer, Donna Clayton Wade

"Frame of Mind"

Butterflies..."The Essence of Freedom"

Independent Designer, Shalondra A. Jackson, graces us with another one of her unique creations.

The Oriental Flair

This antique store find miniature tea cup set is combined with a Tillandsia air plant, vibrant reindeer moss and a delicate twig garnish.

Low maintenance. Bright light and a light misting of arrangement twice a week is required. - Independent Designer, Donna Clayton Wade

The Triple Cactus

This calming scene contains faux cactus, tri-colored sand, shale, wood, stone and reindeer moss. Zero maintenance is required for this warmly landscaped glass cube. - Independent Designer, Donna Clayton Wade

Shell Sensation

This beach inspired arrangement uses the natural casing of a conch shell adorned with a large Tillandsia air plant.

It includes vibrant reindeer moss and a faux cactus plant.

Stalks of white flowers complete this calming scene.

Low maintenance. A light spray of spring water is required on the air plant twice a week. Enjoy! - Independent Designer, Donna Clayton Wade

Adventure Forest

There's nothing more soothing than the lingering coolness of winter as spring peeks through this array of ripe cranberries, textured rocks and sand-infused moss. A friend of nature stealthily stalks the area while butterflies hover above. - Independent Designer, Shalondra A. Jackson

 Tiny Cactus Terrarium

I found this soft little cactus this weekend in a plain little plastic pot that was just begging for a new home. I think it found one – what do you think?! This delicate cactus looks right at home in the middle of the black gravel, white sand and reindeer moss. Accented with rocks, bark and shells. Low maintenance. Water only cactus once a week as needed. - Independent Designer, Donna Clayton Wade

Cheers to You!

Another unique and exciting piece created by Independent Designer, Shalondra A. Jackson.

"Just because the wine ran out, doesn't mean you can't still enjoy this bottle. Mini grapes and corks immediately grab your attention. Oops, did I fail to mention...Cheers to You!"